Use Nature as Inspiration to Design Your Space

Open concept homed designed by Alia Noormohamed of Naked Condo

Alia says…

When we look at nature, we see so many different textures, colors, and patterns, and we see the beauty of all of these forms with the sun’s glory. It creates a play of light and shadow, and we are able to draw inspiration from it in our daily lives. The design of spaces is the only art form that affects the quality of life of people. Whether it is a place of work, a place of living, a space to play in, or a place of worship, we can draw inspiration form nature to create a serene, simple, intricate or a dramatic space.

The setting of a space in nature or nearby natural elements (if we are in a busy city setting) can give us cues that we can draw on to design and ultimately furnish our spaces.

Natural wood

The use of natural colored wood paired with color and texture can liven any space. A good way to bring nature into your space, is through wood accents, not only on a table, or coffee table, but in smaller accents, such as an art pedestal, or even a table lamp, or small decorative accessory. Wood always brings warmth and comfort into a space, and there are so many types of wood species, that there are countless possibilities. For example, one might be drawn to a live edge wood coffee table or dining table, or a simple white oak one, but whichever piece you select can be paired with decorative accessories that work with your space to create a wholesome and nature-inspired atmosphere.

Open concept kitchen by Alia Noormohamed of Naked Condo
Design by Naked Condo

Celebrate light

Depending on how the light comes into the space, one can select textures and materials which celebrate light. Selecting a textured wall vinyl on a wall where light is streaming in, will create a sense of relief on the surface, whereas spaces that are in shadow will allow the very same material to become a backdrop.

Select your color palette

Neutral color palettes are also helpful in highlighting natural elements within the space, such as a wood floor, or a stone fireplace. For example, in a living room, we can select a neutral colored sofa, a rug that has tones that pick up the wood floor, and the color from the sofa, bringing the space together very simply, giving it a very natural feel.

Pops of color

Celebrate the beautiful colors in nature by way of art which can adorn the walls of your space, or smalls pops of color in a cushion or rug, all the while remembering to keep the space harmonious with the choices of color and materials. Other pops of color can come from small or large plants which can be used as accents throughout your spaces. This will bring the beautiful “greens’ that come from nature into your space.

Bedroom Design by Naked Condo
Design by Naked Condo

Final thoughts

If we spend time in nature, we can always take cues from it. One of the most difficult things that people find when introducing color into a space, is how to do so, and which colors can work in their composition. Nature is never wrong. The colors in nature are always in perfect combination. For example, the different greens on a tree, or colors on a flower, or the colors of the leaves in fall are always in perfect combination. This may seem difficult to do, but if one was trying to use red as an accent in a room, for example, nature can provide the answers by looking at a red flower. The red flower may have other colors within it, that gives cues for the background, or other colors that could be used in combination with that red.