Create Furniture Vignettes

Furniture vignette designed by Harmony Sense Interiors' Lucila Diaz

Lucila Says…

Finding the perfect balance between having too much furniture in a room and not having enough is the key to making a room look professionally styled. The amount of furniture should be enough to first accommodate the needs of the family, and second should be in proportion with the size of the space.

Creating small vignettes within the large space that can stand on their own within the large space is the key to making a space work. Check out my top four tips to consider when re-creating this in your home.

Evaluate how much extra space you have

Since you don’t want to end up with a cluttered space, you need to evaluate how much extra space you have to create your vignette and always think what will be the best use of the space. Consider the walking space around it, access to plugs, and all 360 degrees around it, down to how much wall space to place art or if a rug can be placed as part of this grouping.

Define the biggest element that will be part of the vignette

Creating a vignette is like styling a room within a room; it can be somewhat independent and have its own unique elements, but at the end of the day, it also has to work with the rest of the space that it belongs to.

Start by defining what will be the biggest element that will be part of the vignette. This could be a pair of chairs, a chaise, a console table, or a bookcase. This could be the only investment that you have to make as a lot of the times you might have the rest of the elements.

Two furniture vignettes designed by Harmony Sense Interiors' Lucila Diaz
Design by Harmony Sense Interiors

Dress your vignette

Now that you know what your base element will be, it’s time to dress it up. Start by thinking in terms of function first. For example, if your base element is a chair or a chaise, you want to be able to have a side table as part of your vignette with, if possible, some lighting. If your base element is a console table, you will need art if you are placing it against a wall with some accessories. Don’t overlook the fact that if your vignette is close to a wall, any art you place near will become part of it.

It is in these vignettes where you can accessorize with whimsical elements or unique and sentimental pieces. Again, as an independent area, don’t limit your creativity!

Tips when accessorizing

  • When styling your vignettes don’t forget to use accessories with different heights and textures. Books are a great way to help you accessorize and achieve different heights.
  • Use art as your inspiration for selecting an accent colour to repeat in a subtle way.
  • When possible, include some greenery.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals!
  • Most importantly don’t be afraid to add something that has a sentimental value to you, just because you think it doesn’t match the perfect colour scheme. If it feels right to you, you’ll love your vignette and it will make you feel happy every time you sit in it or walk by it.

Final Thoughts

These vignettes will add character to your home, and act an opportunity to display items that might look out of place in other parts of the house. Start creating spaces within your space!

Sitting area and bedroom furniture vignettes designed by Harmony Sense Interiors' Lucila Diaz
Design by Harmony Sense Interiors