Welcome to Cafè: Bistro Breakfast Nook

    Welcome to Cafè: Bistro Breakfast Nook

    Curated by Daneyka Lazier

    Daneyka Lazier of DL Arch + Design creates Welcome to Cafè, the perfect room for the adventurous -- someone who does not take themselves too seriously and loves having fun with their space.

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    Daneyka Says…

    Have you ever heard that saying, “You eat with your eyes first”? My inspiration for this room was food and culture. It’s not a secret that my favorite room in a house is the kitchen; I love a good breakfast nook. The inspiration behind the design of this room is Spain and its culture; there is something about the colours, patterns, and textures that just drags me to it. I have always loved a bit of a Spanish flair in interiors, but it must be my Latin American side, given I’m from Panama.

    What makes this room work is the balance between the materials and furniture used. Round tables tend to be inviting and add visual interest to a room while the finishes, colours, and textures add contrast. There are a few places in the house where you can bring up your personality, and the breakfast nook is one of them.

    Nothing says more than a breakfast nook than a round table. The Query table is the perfect balance to the space; the cone shape adds visual interest to the area and the product finishes give that effortless look.

    One of my favorite items in this room is the Beckett chairs. I have a soft spot for a good tan chair and they are the perfect accent for the space.

    Natural fibers are my favorite texture and the Coolie chandelier adds the perfect natural texture to the space. The two canvases are the perfect accessories that complement the whole room, great if you are looking to be bold and make a statement, also very cool and funky.

    Last but not least you can’t forget adding some greenery to the space; tropical plants always add a bit of tropical flair and give that final touch to any space.

    It is the perfect place if you are looking to be bold and add personality to your home. This space should make you feel like you are away on vacation having the best cafè in a bistro somewhere in beautiful Spain.