The Ultimate Man Cave

The Ultimate Man Cave

Curated by Daneyka Lazier

DL Arch + Design's Daneyka Lazier puts a modern spin on the historic man cave. We're happy to pour some Old Fashioneds and join you on the sofa for some golf!

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Daneyka Says…

The inspiration behind this bathroom design is what we all call The Man Cave. The man cave refers to the part of the home dedicated to the man as a place to relax. Although this may not be your usual looking man cave we wanted to design a space that is bold and masculine. That said, the space is designed to fit anyone that loves a bit more of a bold touch.

When we talk about a bold or masculine design my brain goes straight to dark tones and materials such as leather and wood. Once I determined the look we were going for picking the furnisher was fun. I was automatically drawn to the Cobain sofa and the Horace accent chairs. The leather and the brass on the chair adds a sophisticated look to the living space. The round shape of the Evan coffee table breaks some of the room shapes and makes this space more inviting. The Monastery area rug helps define the area and it’s colour complement the dark tones in the room. When it comes to accessorising your living spaces make sure you add wall art, the reflection of ourselves art is eye catching in this space.

What makes this room work is how we ended up mixing bold colors and textures. The dark tones makes a bold room but the abundance of lighting makes the space feels open and airy. By having large windows we are able to incorporate nature into the indoor space.

This is the perfect room for a single young professional or anyone that loves dark tones and bold looks… Someone that is not afraid of making an statement and living bold.

This room should make you want to host friends and have a good time. The room has a sophisticated and smart vibe with a bit of an edge.