Serenity – A French Bathroom Getaway

Serenity – A French Bathroom Getaway

Curated by Daneyka Lazier

Are you ready for an impromptu trip to the South of France? Even if you don't have your bags packed, Daneyka Lazier brings us abroad with her Serenity Bathroom Getaway, inspired by Parisian design.

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Danyeka Says…

What makes this room work is the different use of materials that create a sense of serenity. Using earth materials like brick, wood and wool add texture to the space while keeping neutral colours help the space to feel more relaxing and calming. We also added a regional plant to the room to bring a bit of a French nature element. This room is also the perfect mix of two styles; French country and contemporary design.

The inspiration behind this bathroom design is the south of France. Imagine waking up and forgetting about the busy city life and creating a little French space within your own home. The south of France is known for the beautiful landscape and the use of textured materials that blend in with their surroundings seamlessly.

As a designer one of my favourite things is mixing styles. Perhaps, that is one of the benefits when hiring a designer or designing a room on your own. Selecting the furniture for this bathroom was easy, I already knew the elements I wanted and I was able to them at Casaza.

I started with the Dorya bathtub as is probably one of the focal points of the room. There is nothing more French than a beautiful stand-alone clawfoot tub, this is probably the item that will contribute to that serenity vibe we are going for. Another unique item I’m so excited about is the Venetian mirrors, these mirrors add so much character to the room, it also adds a bit of a glam factor to the design.

When it comes to adding details to the room, we can’t forget about the lighting, the Aurora chandelier would be placed above the Dory tub which emphasize the focal point of the room. This chandelier is airy and sophisticated looking, the perfect item to set the mood. Last but not least, if you are looking to accessorize your bathroom adding a small pouf/ottoman is the perfect detail to complement all your finishes and room furnishing.

This is the perfect room for someone that enjoys their relaxing time, someone that loves to disconnect at the end of a busy day or is simply looking for a getaway room within their home.

This room should make you feel calmed, relaxed as if you were on a vacation in the beautiful south of France ☺

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