Ready To Entertain Glam Living Room

Lucila Diaz of Harmony Sense interiors living space

Ready To Entertain Glam Living Room

Curated by Lucila Diaz

Harmony Sense Interiors is known for bold but measured use of color in its stunning designs. Lucila Diaz delivers this in her Ready To Entertain Glam Living Room space.

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Lucila Says…

The inspiration for this room is how happy people feel when they entertain. I found a pillow that’s a piece of art with its full colour; when you see it, it brings joy. Sometimes you start with the smallest items in the room; I wanted to create a room that had colour, and starting with the use of colour in smaller pieces is easier.

There is an understated balance between the use of neutral elements and the redundancy of the pops of colour found in the chairs, accessories, and lamp, which makes the room feel elegant and vibrant. This rooms works thanks to the subtle repetition of elements found in the art, the carpet and stone of the coffee tables. The colorful pillow in the middle of the room ties all the colours together.

The use of a dark piece like the McKinley Sideboard at the back of the room that makes your eye go all the way back and helps to anchor the large piece of art. The Reflections of Ourselves art is large in size so it makes a nice statement and at a very affordable price, while the Doble Rings figurine is a nice accessory that adds a sense of luxury to the space.

The Glint table lamp has the blue accent colour, so it helps to bring the repetition of the accent colour, and its size is perfect to be placed on its own on top of a large buffet or storage unit to make a statement.

The Winslett End Tables are simple, yet they have an interesting design. They help to complement the rest of the neutral elements of the room without competing with the strong statement that the coffee table makes.

This room will be ideal for a couple that enjoys entertaining and wants to feel proud of their space. I want them to feel in total harmony and happy, ready to interact with friends and family or to just curl up and enjoy a book or a more intimate conversation.

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