Modern Glam Living Room

Yumi Murayama's living room design

Modern Glam Living Room

Curated by Yumi Murayama

We're thinking pink and feeling glamorous with Yumi Murayama of YU+ME Design's Modern Glam Living Room.

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Yumi Says…

This living room is perfect for young professionals who like to spend time to relax and also entertain with their friends.

Modern glam style uses luxurious and feminine elements throughout the space such as brass finish, bold colors, and ornate patterns. To create a modern glam living room, I wanted a feminine curve for the coffee table, while coordinating soft pink and blue tones throughout the space. A bold, brass metallic finish was incorporated throughout the room in the seating legs, side table, and coffee table.

I chose the Oasis velvet sofa and Nadir blue velvet chair because the velvet texture offers a distinctive soft and elegant feel while bringing a glamourous and luxurious atmosphere to the space. Soft tone of blue and pink are not only complement each other but also creates calm and sophisticated look.

The Margarita coffee table has all elements to it to create modern glam with its brass finish and feminine curved flower shape. The Quatrefolio accent table coordinates with the coffee table. They share a similar curved profile, which works well together. Finally, the wall art has some splash of blue and grass finish which tight everything together.

I want someone to feel like she is in luxury on a glam Hollywood movie set in the space.

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