Designer Yumi Murayama

Yumi Murayama

Yumi Murayama is the principal designer of YU+ME Design specializing in residential interior design. Growing up in Japan, Yumi developed an appreciation for the subtle and elegant beauty found in simple, everyday objects. The calm, contemplative Japanese aesthetic is at the heart of her design.
Yumi Murayama of YU+ME Design in a dining room

Coffee With: Yumi Murayama of YU+ME Design

"YUME" means "dream" in Japanese, and Yumi Murayama helps her clients create the homes they have always dreamt about. The principal designer at YU+ME Design chats about practicality, pops of colour, and Japanese meets Scandinavian design.

Yumi Murayama of Yu+ME Designs' open concept dining room and living room design

Design Your Small Space Like A Pro

Creative solutions are key when designing small spaces. Yumi Murayama of YU+ME Design gave us insight into designing for small spaces.

Yumi Murayama's living room design

Modern Glam Living Room

We're thinking pink and feeling glamorous with Yumi Murayama of YU+ME Design's Modern Glam Living Room.