Rose Ott is principal and founder of Rose Ott Design, a full-service design firm specializing in residential and commercial interiors. Rose incorporates a background in fine arts and fashion, coupled with her interior design education and love of travel, in her designs.

Lucila Diaz of Harmony Sense in front of art with mug

Coffee With: Lucila Diaz of Harmony Sense

Harmony Sense Interiors' designs are instantly recognizable by bold lines and pointed use of color. We spoke with principal designer Lucila Diaz about her intro to the industry, inspiration and the most unique design project she recently finished.

Furniture vignette designed by Harmony Sense Interiors' Lucila Diaz

Create Furniture Vignettes

If you have that extra space in your bedroom, an extra corner in your living room or a space in your house that you are not sure what to do with it, fear no more! Lucila Diaz from Harmony Sense Interiors helps you create functional and beautiful vignettes to make the space look great.

Lucila Diaz of Harmony Sense interiors living space

Ready To Entertain Glam Living Room

Harmony Sense Interiors is known for bold but measured use of color in its stunning designs. Lucila Diaz delivers this in her Ready To Entertain Glam Living Room space.