Louis Duncan-He smiling in pattern shirt

Louis Duncan-He

Reflecting an effortless west coast perspective, Louis is a lifestyle designer of residential interiors, style & art. His belief is that style can change lives, and his mission is to empower people to #livebeautifully every day.
Louis Duncan-He drinking coffee on a beach

Coffee With: Louis Duncan-He of Louis Duncan-He Designs

Louis Duncan-He has an impeccable sense of style, both in his wardrobe and designs. Each look is completely unique yet dripping with taste. We spoke with the designer about intuition, sustainability, and West Coast design.

Louis Duncan-He's rustic farmhouse design

5 Easy Tips To Design A Rustic Farmhouse

Louis Duncan-He walks us through the design inspiration behind his client's Modern Rustic Farmhouse, then gives five tips to achieve this look in your home.

Serene Sanctuary: A Stress-Free Ravine to Unwind

For lazy weekends or long nights of work, Louis Duncan-He has accomplished the perfect balance of comfy class. Join us in Louis' Serene Sanctuary: A Stress-Free Ravine to Unwind.