Alia Noormohamed of Naked Condo smiling at camera
An award winning designer from Vancouver, BC, Alia creates crisp, minimal, and contemporary spaces with special attention to every detail. With a background in architecture, she is dedicated to the oneness between exterior and interior spaces.
Alia Noormohamed, owner of Naked Condo, smiling

Coffee With: Alia Noormohamed of Naked Condo

Alia Noormohamed has always been surrounded by great design. The founder and designer of Naked Condo spoke with us about her background and throwing out the look books.

Open concept homed designed by Alia Noormohamed of Naked Condo

Use Nature as Inspiration to Design Your Space

Draw inspiration from natural elements and bring nature indoors with Alia Noormohamed of Naked Condo’s tips for a green home.