• Kristen McGowan

    Kristen McGowan is a Canadian designer gaining traction on YouTube as a lifestyle/home decor stylist. Her channel has quickly become a hub to learn & get inspired about all things home. She thrives at the opportunity to demonstrate how we can all achieve the look for less.

  • Brenda Danso

    Brenda Danso is the Principal Designer at BD Interior Design. Her educational background in mental health coupled with Interior Design has enabled her to curate spaces that are functional and heartening. She believes that design is therapy and the feel of your space has a great impact on your wellbeing.

  • Danielle Pollock of Canvas Design Studio

    Danielle Pollock

    Canvas Design Studio is a full service interior design studio based in Winnipeg, MB. Owner and Interior Designer, Danielle Pollock, believes that our interior spaces should be a direct reflection of ourselves.

  • Designer Daneyka Lazier sitting on sofa smiling with plant

    Daneyka Lazier

    Toronto-based designer Daneyka Lazier is the Principal of DL Arch + Design. Her firm is known for creating unique spaces that capture you and your lifestyle and specializes in improving the functionality of all spaces.

  • Kresswell Interiors Kristina Lynne and Diana Tidswell

    Kresswell Interiors

    Kresswell Interiors is a full service interior design firm based in Edmonton. Diana Tidswell and Kristina Lynne offer residential services both in person and online to help their clients create modern, liveable homes designed for real life.

  • Cara Anderson of Plant Roost smiling on a sofa

    Cara Anderson

    Cara Anderson is an interior designer, blogger, owner of 192 plants and Plant Roost Design. She is passionate about the environment and encourages incorporating nature into interior spaces through the use of plants and sustainable materials.

  • Designer Yumi Murayama

    Yumi Murayama

    Yumi Murayama is the principal designer of YU+ME Design specializing in residential interior design. Growing up in Japan, Yumi developed an appreciation for the subtle and elegant beauty found in simple, everyday objects. The calm, contemplative Japanese aesthetic is at the heart of her design.

  • Louis Duncan-He smiling in pattern shirt

    Louis Duncan-He

    Reflecting an effortless west coast perspective, Louis is a lifestyle designer of residential interiors, style & art. His belief is that style can change lives, and his mission is to empower people to #livebeautifully every day.

  • Alia Noormohamed of Naked Condo smiling at camera

    Alia Noormohamed

    An award winning designer from Vancouver, BC, Alia creates crisp, minimal, and contemporary spaces with special attention to every detail. With a background in architecture, she is dedicated to the oneness between exterior and interior spaces.